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Europe & beyond


Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Tzeck, Hungary, Austria, Malta, Marocco, Kenia, Mauritius, Jordan, USA, Canada, Antigua, Iceland, Portugal, England, Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, ...

... Artilium, Arseus, ABN-AMRO, 4C Consulting, Alcatel, The Adecco Group, Alfa Print, Apple Computer, Barry Callebaut, Batenborch International, Bayer Medical, BD Biosciences, Belgacom, B-Post, BMW Belgium, Canon Benelux, Cisco Systems, Cofinimmo, Corilus, Covidien, Deloitte & Touche, Dredging International, DHL, ING, KPMG,  Kramp Group, Henkel, Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Merant, Media Markt, Microsoft, Mobistar, NextiraOne, Nuon, Porthus, Shell, Skynet, GSK, VSM, Whyet Lederle, ...

Some of the things we do :-)

First of all listen to your story· goals· needs, then create a master plan for the conference, brainstorm on a theme and elements for program and content, propose keynote speakers, come up with ideas for break-out sessions and interactivity, search · propose · select venues and locations, design the lay-out of meeting rooms and stages, work out scripts and 3D-plans, contract partners and suppliers, plan· prepare· brief · coach · follow up on whatever is needed for the conference, execute site inspections and preparation, find · select · manage hotel accomodation, organise local tranfers, create a registration website, follow up on registrations, develop a conference app, coach the speakers before and during they step on stage, improve your slide-presentations and slide-layout, conduct the regie of the plenary session, create special theme- and gala-dinners, select and manage catering, pull social activities together, chase or even create our own special acts and entertainement, produce branding elements, manage the guest relations team, follow up on personal needs of clients, propose gooddies, manage and guard the budget, organise the post conference survey, follow up on special licences. In short: be creative non-stop, make you, your guests and so also ourselves happy :-)


Conference Creators Since 1989



Barranco was founded by Steve De Wit in January 1989. Initially operating under the name ‘Top Management Sports’, mostly team building activities and corporate events where organised. It was the time of pioneering: organising in an era without mobile phones, internet or e-mail. But as the market of corporate events expanded, activities were organised in Belgium and abroad. Later came also Africa, North America and Asia into our portfolio.


In 1998, the company changes her name into Barranco Concept and since the focus is on the organization of corporate conferences.

The office is in Belgium, located in the city of Mechelen, half way between Brussels and Antwerp, 20 mins from Brussels Airport.

How to summerise what conference management means? After 20 years in business, we took a break for half year and wrote it all down in a book, titled: Secrets of Effective Meetings and Events. Don’t believe it? Click here.http://www.stevedewit.com/Home.html