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Empowering conferences combine 'work hard' with 'play hard'. For every conference we come with new ideas, related to the theme of the conference, to motivate and reward your audience while they share quality time together. We not only propose but book, manage and steer all involved (artists, performers, venues, suppliers ...) to a successful outcome leaving unforgettable inspiring moments for your guests.

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Gala Dinner at the end of a worldwide conference / PRAGUE

Special violin act before awards ceremony / VENICE

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Walking orchestra opening the worldwide conference / PRAGUE

Farewell dinner in an old palacio / VENICE

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After dinner drum experience / BARCELONA

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'One of Us' singing contest / LISBON

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Custom made openingsact for start of a worldwide conference / AMSTERDAM

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Awards opening act during the celebration dinner in the Spanish Hall / PRAGUE

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The Spanish Riding School transformed into a celebration dinner place for one night / VIENNA

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Special act during celebration dinner / BERLIN

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The DJ makes the party / BARCELONA

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Award dinner in graffity style / ZURICH

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Special act during celebration dinner / VIENNA

Wiener wals demo in the Spanish Riding School / VIENNA

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Custom made openingsact for start of a worldwide conference / AMSTERDAM

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Social activity: an afternoon in the Olympic Stadium having a team competition / BARCELONA

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Social activity: shooting a lib-dup movie in front of a huge green key and seeing the result during the dinner / BUDAPEST

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