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An inspiring and healthy work culture
Retention is a huge challenge for many companies. Employees decide to stay in a job position (or leave) for very diverse reasons. But appreciation and an inspiring corporate culture are certainly retention improving factors.

Today it’s possible to offer participation in a life-changing sportive project that allows the participant to get a better physical condition and a stronger mental strength. At the same time, this initiative creates unique networking moments within the company and may even contribute to a charity program.

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Since 2006, Barranco organises these programs, in particular focussing on employees who have not yet discovered the benefits of a more healthy life style including a more sportive routine.

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How it works

Over the course of a period of 6 months, an individually customised sport training program prepares the employee, together with a group of colleagues, for participation in a life changing sportive event. Think of running a marathon, participating in a triathlon or biking up Mont-Ventoux by those who never did this before and most probably never believed they would be capable in doing so.

An important note is that it’s not about the sportive performance or having the best time. It’s not intended as a competition but it’s a personal road of inspiration to a more healthy and energetic way of living. Crossing the finish line, earlier or later, and savouring the feeling of success is the only objective.

Barranco Concept has been the creator and producer of the
Win4Youth project of the Adecco Group since 2010, non-stop till 2023

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What it does

The life changing emotions and the feelings of succes that accompany the moment of crossing the arrival line after months of hard work and discipline are priceless and create this unique bonding with the company and corporate peers.

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