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Steve De Wit
Founder - Producer - Speaker & Inspirator

Since founding BarrancO in 1989, Steve has served as the entrepreneurial, creative, commercial and leading force behind his company and over
1200 conference & event days organised in 27 countries.

Starting his business from scratch in an era devoid of internet and where corporate events were the exception rather than the norm, Steve had to master a diverse set of business and personal skills over the years.

Education: Steve graduated with a master degree in Physical Eduction and Sport at the University of Leuven and added an extra year in corporate economics. And he is also IAPCO certified.
Charismatic Speaker

The wealth of his professional experience and personal growth, accumulated over the past 35 years in the Meeting & Events Industry is now available to be shared through keynotes, workshops, and consulting sessions for which he can be booked.

Steve is renowned for his charismatic and powerful speaking presence on stage, captivating and inspiring his audience with his down-to-earth presentation style. His absolute favourite topic to share is all about 'Mental Training & Visualisation'.

He is the author of the book:
"Secrets of Effective Meetings and Events" published in 2009

To contact or book Steve directly, mail to:

Keynotes - Trainings - Consulting

Mental Training & Visualisation

KEYNOTE (55 mins) - OPTIONAL: Workshops

Did you know that we can generate a 20% muscular growth by simply imagining exercising in the gym? That is because our brain cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagination. The brain has also has an amazing capacity to adapt it's physical form due to specific thinking and training input. It's called 'neuro plasticity'.

Mental training is all about using that spectacular brain capacity to our own advantage and prepare ourselves better for upcoming challenges such as creating a new business, preparing for a sales appointment, training for a sports competition or simple making ourselves mentally and physically stronger.

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Event & Project Management

Conferences and events are typical projects: the expectation of a well defined result on a very specific moment in time within a strict budget.

During a full day training we look into the flow and all parameters of effective project management, focussing on the different steps in the production: input, design, research, decision proces, action planning and the execution & feedback stage.

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Public Speaking

Speaker training helps to make an audience more involved and getting the message accros.

During a full day training we look into the six parameters that contribute to a more effective presentation: 1/ a creative story 2/ powerful body language 3/ appealing slides 4/ playful with rhythm & intonation 5/ smooth logistics 6/ mental preparation

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Conference Room Design & Needs

How to get the most interesting, effective, efficient and appealing meeting room set-up: creating the stage with image, light, sound and decor in relation to the set-up of the audience: it sounds simple but it's a science on it's own. Steve invents the ideal room set-up and visualises those ideas in 3D-plans as a consulting service to hotels, companies and associations.

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Barranco Concept BV - Begijnenstraat 50, 2800 Mechelen (Belgium) - TEL: +32 15 638 580 - MAIL:

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