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Virtual 3D-stage developed by Barranco to serve as the dynamic background during a 3-days virtual managers conference. The speakers moved in a green key studio setting of which the recordings where merged with the above 3D world (see sample below)

Turning a virtual conference into an attractive and interactive on-line event to replace the real conference, requires different types of infrastructure and technology supported by innovative planning, creativity and know how. Barranco guides you in choosing the suitable technologies, develops 3D-stage design and mixes all elements into a virtual inspiring experience as was it an authentic live television show.

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I have seen a number of these on-line conferences now, but you've beat it by a planet !
President of the Board of a food multinational - October 2020
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Above: directing a worlwide virtual conference in corona times

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A very cost effective way to enhance the visual experience during an on-line conference is by creating a little 'studio' or talk-show environment to host interviews and life discussions.
In the sample above: a bric wall in the background, some lamps as decoration, one screen to display theme related visuals, two sitting benches and 3 different camera angles did the tric.

Green key studio's do not need to be very big to allow visual variation and creative imaging. Combined with the right theme and matching backgrounds or pictures, a green key set-up can be a budget friendly solution allowing lot's of flexibility by the use of different look and feels.

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